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Hey lookie, people wrote some stuff and I won some stuff.

I never thought that, as a wedding offciant, I'd need a "press" section. But then again, I never thought that I'd be a wedding officiant. So it appears I am wrong on a more or less daily basis.

At any rate, here's where you can check out my featured stories and shout-outs in news publications and blogs. Go feed those brain cells that survived your last bender!



Huffington Post

The New York Times

DNA Info

Offbeat Bride


Rock n' Roll Bride

"The wedding officiant, Reverend D, can only be described as unique, alternative and different! She was amazing, we each filled out a survey from her before the wedding so she could personalise the ceremony for us. It was short (just as we wanted), hilarious, sweet and so perfect for us. She stayed for the dinner and party after and our guests loved her just as much as we do!”

Robyn S. Russell Photography

""I have to take a minute to shout out their amazing officiant – The Reverend D. I don’t ever shout out officiants, but you guys…honestly, I wish you could have been there just to hear her speak. Her weddings are like no other. She made us laugh. She was so personable and so different from the norm. She spoke like she knew Nick and Katie for years. It was truly a delight to watch her in action! If you’re in New York, please look her up! You won’t be sorry!"

Angie Gaul, Milestone Images

"One thing that they had decided on early in their planning was to work with the remarkable Rev D. DonnaMarie SanSavero never fails to deliver a meaningful, personal ceremony with just the right blend of humor and customization. It was just great."

Offbeat Bride

"The Reverend D dressed to match our theme in a red and black, '50s-style swing dress and platform Mary Janes with Bettie Page bangs. As per our request, she read from a journal with a drawing of Wonder Woman on the cover. My family noticed this right away since I was obsessed with the Linda Carter version when I was a kid. I felt that the ceremony was the best part of the day because Rev. D was able to capture our personalities by recounting personal stories we told her along with references our favorite bands, television shows and hobbies."

Sarah Tew Photography

"Though the bride and groom wore traditional wedding-wear the brilliant & entertaining Reverend D was dressed up as the Evil Queen from Snow White."

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