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I often tell wedding couples that I am a ghostwriter of ceremonies; I don't just speak their words, I find their voices.

I have to convey who they are to a group that ranges in personal knowledge of the couple from the mother who changed every diaper to the disinterested spouse of a least-favorite coworker in a way that makes them all say, "Oh, that was totally THEM!"

In short, I convey their personalities. And I can't think of a better skill to have when trying to give a voice to those who no longer have one. With your assistance, I will get to know your loved ones on a very personal level, and then craft a ceremony that perfectly suits them -- whether that be somber and serious, lighthearted and fun, heartwarming, free from religion, require an a cappella performance of Amazing Grace or a round of beer and raucous humor -- 100% judgment-free.

Those of all faiths (as well as those without) are welcome here.

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