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I used to hate weddings.

You see, when my super-nerdy and very good friends Brian and Mary were getting married back in 2011, they were looking for an officiant. Typing "offbeat, unusual, gothic, funny, gay, lesbian, punk" or "rock" before "NYC Wedding Officiant" only served to bring up dozens of pages of really normal-looking people who all made the same generic promise to give them a "unique, loving and personal experience". And who, consequently, all charged an average of about $600 for what would essentially boil down to 20 minutes of their lives. (Oh, and most of them didn't even list their fees online. They had to email them and ask. ANNOYING.)

Anyhoo, they had heard that I had gotten ordained and registered to do a wedding (which I never got to perform, by the way) and picked exactly the right moment to ask me: three drinks in. "Shhhhure, Imma totally ROCK yer wedding!" is what I believe I screamed into the phone, throwing metal horns to absolutely no one.

Sober and somber the next day, I had to rethink my decision. After all (as previously mentioned) I hated weddings.

Until it occurred to me that maybe the reason I hated weddings so much was because they all seemed so...generic. Romantic couple, goofy couple, nerd couple, religious couple, somehow they all sounded and felt EXACTLY. THE. SAME. But this time, I reasoned, *I* would be writing the script. Unbridled by any rules of "tradition" or notions of what a wedding should or shouldn't be, I realized that it *could* be anything Mary and Brian wanted. And they wanted it to be AWESOME. They wanted it to be the wedding that, years later, as their guests were at some standard, run-of-the-mill, boring wedding, they'd wistfully tell everyone within earshot about the coolest wedding they'd ever been to, and then secretly hate their lives for having to be at a crappy one and want to go home.

Yeah. They wanted *that* wedding. And yeah, they got it. Hey man, I DELIVER.

After that, I figured there might be one or two other couples in the world who might be looking for the same thing, so I threw together a website, and went back to my regular life, expecting one or two calls a year.

Hundreds of couples later, I am as surprised as anyone. I definitely didn't see this plot twist coming.

And so, here I am: your one-stop, NYC, low-budget, alternative, D.I.Y., offbeat, gothic, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered, steampunk, rock and roll, Halloween, cosplay, comicon, sci-fi, nerd, punk and generally left-of-center wedding planner and non-denominational Reverend.

Nice to meet you.

Now hire me.

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