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Mark & Toni

Toni and Mark were married on October 30th, 2011 at the Coral House in Baldwin, NY. Their wedding was totally ironic; they flew in from Vegas to get married in New York! How often does *that* happen, right? Well, it turns out that they were from here originally, and all of their friends and family were still in NY, so it made sense. However, they moved to Vegas before I had a chance to meet them, so this was the first wedding I prepared entirely based on emails and phone calls. When they first hired me, I thought I would be nervous because we'd never met. But after learning all about them through my questionnaire and our emails, I felt like I'd known them for ages. We were totally on the same wavelength about everything from their love of horror and Halloween to video games and pirates. I got them. And I was really stoked to perform their wedding.


Their theme was (naturally) Halloween; Mark's tuxedo had sharp orange accents, while Toni wore a lovely cream-colored sleeveless sheath. The decorations and colors were warm autumn leaves, hay bales and pumpkins, the wedding ring box was a little coffin (how cute is that?), the cake was red velvet with vampire-bite accents, and (this is coolest part) Toni's shoes were custom-painted with vampire fangs! I loved every bit of it. I finally met Mark just before the service, and I met Toni as she walked down the aisle. Yet none of us felt like strangers. It was really kind of awesome.


But enough of my ramblings! Bring on the photos!! That's what you really came here for anyway, isn't it?



The pro pics were taken by Laura SanFillipo; the rest were by friends and family. (Personally, I think Uncle Gary took some pretty good shots. Rock on, Uncle Gary! \m/) And a big congratulations to my Halloween King and Queen: Mark and Toni!

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