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Elizabeth & Julian


September 30, 2012


Elizabeth and Julian had a unique story. They had been married for many years, but went through a recent rough patch and got divorced. Before it was finalized (but too late to stop the process) they realized their mistake, and were now looking to be married again. They were going to City Hall when Elizabeth found me, and, after she explained her situation, said that they wanted something quick and no-fuss, literally five minutes or less. I offered to have the service in my apartment, and procured my husband and friend Jackie as witnesses.


On the day of the wedding, I had my apartment scrubbed from top to bottom. I lit candles and incense, and tried my best to make our PeeWee Herman-meets-The Munsters apartment somewhat presentable to two grown adults getting remarried.


I shouldn’t have worried. As soon as they arrived, Julian was mentally already out the door again; he explained that they had a car waiting downstairs, and they were going out to dinner immediately following the service. He was clearly frustrated at having to have any service at all, and kept shifting impatiently from foot to foot. Elizabeth, meanwhile, was thoroughly enjoying getting hitched again, even in a somewhat inglorious setting and at lightning speed. The banter between them reflected their wildly different takes on the situation at hand, and their teasing, complaints and eye rolls at each other had me barely containing my laughter; basically, I was looking at myself and Ricky in about 20 years.


I raced through the service and signed the license for them, making it official all over again. The once-more happy couple left for their celebratory dinner, and I was left thinking about how good I felt. All I had done, really, was sign a piece of paper. But that piece of paper was the key to freeing themselves from a bad mistake spawned from dark days; it laid all of that to rest. They were going to keep on teasing and nagging each other for a good long time. And hopefully, the next time the ups and downs of marriage lead them to a dark place, they’ll remember that even when they tried to go their separate ways, their hearts had other plans for them.


True love, it seems, never dies.


But it does roll its eyes at you from time to time.

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